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It's high time for a new blog post. How about some updates?

I've disappeared as of late due to the fact that I've been finishing up production of Lock & Spell. It's got a release date set for April of this year! Design is all done, and all the components are off for production. My next step is marketing & sales, which is the hardest part for me, though I'm looking forward to the challenge. I'll have a follow up post in the next month or so with tons of game details, along with an updated page on the website. It's also up on BoardGameGeek!


One of the most important developments at JVS is Callisto.

The idea for Callisto came up many months ago, and after studying the publishing industry I decided to let the idea flourish. Callisto will become an imprint of Jupiter Valley Studios. It's primary focus will be on art & culture, with it's flagship publication being Callisto Magazine.

Callisto Magazine will be a creative outlet for all the odds and ends bouncing around in my head. But I also plan on it being one of the first publications that I commission others to create content for.

The first issue will be out by the end of this this year, with future issues coming out more frequently as time moves on.

In addition to the magazine, Callisto will have its first two books printed within the next twelve months. Two art books are in the works. Supernal: The Art of Ferris Reichl and Remnants: The Art of Ellis Namura.

Below are early previews of the covers.

The exciting part is that all of the artwork was created using the AI generator MidJourney. I plan on writing an extensive post about the various aspects of AI art generation. There's certainly a lot to talk about there.

The essence of the art books will be presenting my creations through the medium of fictional biographies. Each book will be focused on a fictional artist's life and work. I'm incredibly exited to get these completed! They're going to be fun projects to develop, from the art creation, to the storytelling, to the layout design.

Expect the first book to land later this year!


Speaking of later this year, I'm somehow going to find the time to get Junicka Valley: Book Two done by October. I've come to discover that splitting the book into three paperbacks was the right choice. It allows me to refine the work while getting other projects done. I'm also growing as a writer and editor along the way. So once all three paperbacks are complete, I'll be able to compile and edit them into the originally intended work.

Stay tuned for an image of Book Two's cover!


That's all I have for today. In addition to what's been said, I'm working on some changes to the website, including revamping the JVS store.

Thanks for stopping by. To sum everything up...

-Lock & Spell will be out soon!

-Callisto is a new art & culture imprint of JVS. Two AI art books and Callisto Magazine are in the works.

-Junicka Valley Book Two will be released later this year.

-I'm tired but happy :)



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