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Children of the Sun

In Children of the Sun, a two-player strategy game, players take control of the mighty dragon children of Ino'itl, the Sun god. He sent the pair to Earth in order to create a beautiful landscape as an ode of love to Xochanama, the Moon goddess forever fated to be out of reach.


During the game, players draw and place Elemental Tokens on a 6x6 grid, jumping opponent pieces and gaining Elements of Creation. Elements are used to craft Creation Cards, which represent the fantastic landscape being formed by the players. There are five card types, each offering unique scoring mechanics while also requiring players to balance an interconnected ecosystem. Dragon Powers and Flourishing tokens also enhance gameplay with additional action choices. 


The winner of Children of the Sun is the player who crafts the most captivating landscape, pleasing the Moon goddess and securing favor from the Sun god!

Prelaunch Page Coming Soon!

The Children of the Sun Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, July 2nd!

Lock & Spell: A Game of FOrtunes

Destiny awaits you within the chests of fate! Open three chests, and the treasure is yours. But only keys enchanted with the correct spells can unlock your fortune. You must summon the cards and cast your hand upon the keys. If you can’t draw the right spells, offer a token of fate and try again. Get caught unable to enchant a key, and you lose a fate token. Run out of fate tokens, and you lose the game. 

Lock & Spell is a single player card game of luck and tactics.

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