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Destiny awaits you within the chests of fate!
Open three chests, and the treasure is yours. But only keys enchanted with the correct spells can unlock your fortune. You must summon the cards and cast your hand upon the keys. If you can’t draw the right spells, offer a token of fate and try again. Get caught unable to enchant a key, and you lose a fate token. Run out of fate tokens, and you lose the game. 


Lock & Spell is a single player card game of luck and tactics. The game begins by revealing a set of keys and drawing a hand of five spell cards. Each key shows the required hand needed to enchant it, with some keys being more difficult to obtain than others. 

Spell cards come in four suits valued one to ten. If the player has a hand of cards that matches a key’s spell, they may cast their magic and gain that key. If not, the player must use a token of fate to discard any number of spell cards and draw back up to five. Fate tokens are placed upon keys, and for the remainder of the current turn that key may not be gained. If during the turn a player's hand matches the spell shown upon a tokened key card, a penalty occurs and both the key and fate token are discarded. 

Gameplay continues until the player unlocks three chests and gains the treasures within. If the player should run out of fate tokens or keys, they lose the game. 

Winning a game of Lock & Spell rewards the player with a unique fortune, which is based upon the order of treasures gained. Players also score their game. More difficult chests grant higher scores, and points are gained for the remaining fate tokens not discarded. 


Cast your magic upon the keys and unlock your fate!

Components: 41 Spell Cards, 20 Key Cards,
5 Chest Cards, 5 Treasure Cards, 5 Fate Tokens,
1 Rulebook & Fortune Guide

(Cards are high-quality 310gsm linen stock.)

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Download the rulebook & fortune guide.

Check the game out at

Download a free scoresheet.


Opinionated Gamers - Maricel Edwards "Lock & Spell is a true gem, and I strongly recommend this game to solo gamers who are jonesing for a breezy but thinky mini game to add to their repertoire." " . . . this is a fun and surprisingly challenging solo Poker variant that is perfect for playing during a short break or in small spaces."


Lock & Spell: Stranger Fates


Deep within the ancient mysteries lies the keys to your destiny. Do you dare to seek your fate within the abyss?

Lock & Spell: Stranger Fates contains sixty new, heart-pounding fortunes to discover. From dark omens and horrible doom, to great riches and true love’s embrace, these alternative destinies are sure to thrill those brave enough to open the chests of fate.

Available as a 13-page paperback booklet or free downloadable pdf from

Get the Stranger Fates expansion along with the Lock & Spell: A Game of Fortunes base game, scorepad, and vinyl skull sticker in the Lock & Spell: Stranger Fates Bundle!

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