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  • Sam Kennedy


There are no new beginnings. There's only change. Everything is just one continual stream of transformation. The old becomes new, again and again. I guess you could say we're just the recycling left on the curb. But are we also the ones that come to pick it up?

Anyway, here it is. The old becoming new.

Jupiter Valley Studios hasn't done much yet. (Anything at all, to be exact.) But I'm alright with that. Since its beginning this outlet of mine has been, unbeknownst to me all the while, a way to learn and grow. The fruitless projects that I've worked on have given me unseen nourishment. And now, here I am, standing before a precipice, my belly, my heart, my mind all full.

I can't go much further, or really start this dialogue at all, without talking about my daughter. She's truly been the key to me becoming who I am. Before she entered into my life, I was complacent, selfish, and admittedly weak. But now that my own self comes second, it somehow becomes more. I need to be everything for her. And thus, I am.

Wu Wei, I guess. Our true nature. Do without doing. Love.

Speaking of, I learned to love myself too. And damn if that didn't help a whole lot.

So, all this growth, this love, this confidence. It's flowing like a river into Jupiter Valley Studios. This label is an extension of who I am, and all of these changes will show.

My book, Junicka Valley, will be completed in 2021.

I've got a handful of games that are on the near horizon.

My art, the source of all that I do, even if I don't share it with a single soul, has finally returned to me.

And music . . . though it's not an endeavor I'm taking on at the moment, I can feel it pulsing in my veins.

I probably sound a bit optimistic. Truth be told, I'm not. More than ever I know that life can fall apart. Our greatest of plans, our smallest of dreams, can all vanish in a second. But without accepting that, I can't move on. Failure is a part of life. As is death. How else can we be recycled?


I've stashed away all of my old posts into a single archived item. Any masochists out there who'd like to read them can dig through that mess. I'll always cherish them. But holy-moly, no one else should.

The website is undergoing some pretty big changes. I've been working hard on getting it up to date. Pardon the dust as I do so.

Expect more project updates soon.

And if you don't already, learn to love yourself.



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