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  • Sam Kennedy

Junicka Valley: Book One

The Junicka Valley: Book One Kickstarter is live!

It's been fun setting up the KS page and creating the rewards. From the depths of my heart I want to say thank you to all who support the project.

There will be four reward levels.

$15 gets you the paperback copy of Junicka Valley: Book One. (The book will have an MSRP of $14.99)

$25 gets you a signed copy of JV:B1, along with a JV:B1 bookmark.

$35 gets you a signed copy of JV:B1, along with a JV:B1 bookmark and a Junicka Valley sticker sheet.

$50 gets you a signed copy of JV:B1, along with a JV:B1 bookmark, a Junicka Valley sticker sheet, and an 18x12 Junicka Valley art print.

I struggled with the funding goal. I wanted it to be modest, since this is really about gaining the momentum needed to print the book, and not about making money. Though if I'm being real, I've come face to face with the fact that if I want this to be my career, I have to make the financial aspect a central focus. The art of creation will always be at the core of what I do, but as JVS begins to take flight I'll get better and better at ensuring my projects earn enough income to fund both my life and the company itself. (That, and I have big plans to create a philanthropic aspect to Jupiter Valley Studios.)

Long story short, even though the long story has already been told, I made the Kickstarter goal at $500. I know it's definitely doable, and a little bit under what I truly aim to raise, but that number feels right when I look at this project as my beginning. It's the first step, after all.

On that note, I'd like to briefly dive into an important topic. I'm doing all this without the use of social media. Ask anyone who knows me personally, and they'll tell you I live my life without a Facebook or Instagram. I don't like what I see being done to the world by our neurotic use of these social tech tools. It's ruining people, and its ruining society. Along with that, I despise the fact that they have their hands in nearly every business in the world. No one can do thing without tying it into social media. And if you ask me, that's a terrible state to be in. So I decided from the get go that I would run this company without them. That will mean more hard work of course, especially for an introvert like myself. But so be it. After all, Jupiter Valley Studios means more to me than just making products. I want to touch people's lives, and that should extend into how I run things from the ground up. But that also means that it will need more support from those who enjoy what I do. Word of mouth. That's how we did things in the past. Talked face to face with the people in our lives. So I ask that from all of you. If not for me, for yourselves. Unplug a bit, yeah?

Well, now that that's all said and done, thanks for reading.

And a big, huge, super thanks to all those who support Junicka Valley!



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