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  • Sam Kennedy


Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I know the posts here are sporadic. It's the content creation that matters most to me, so these journal pieces get put on the back burner. In the past I've written about how much I dislike the public marketing aspect of creation, and it's been a struggle for me to accept and prepare for that weight. But if I'm going to successfully run a publishing company, I have get get a hang of being more open with what I do here at JVS. So expect me to attempt more posts in the future!

I also have to master being vulnerable with my art. For years I've written books and created games, but never had the willing heart to share them with others. I've finally gained the self-respect and courage to do so, which is why my real journey with Jupiter Valley Studios is now beginning.

Junicka Valley: Book One is launching on Kickstarter this week!

Junicka Valley has been has been a companion of mine for six years now. Day after day, night after night, I've devoted my life to it. It's taught me a lot about who I am, how I create, and what it means to follow my dreams. Words can't express how excited I am to finally see it reaching the point of fruition.

And the really exciting part is that this is just book one! It's the first in a series of three. While writing the story, I always imagined it as a standalone novel. But as I approached the end, and the 800th page, I realized it was meant to be broken into a series. I even went back and saw that there were perfect stopping points already in place.

I could go on and on about the difficulties I've faced and the growth I've seen in myself, but what I really want to touch on are the goals I have in mind. Junicka Valley was written to be the starting point of Jupiter Valley Studios. (And they will forever be closely tied to each other in the semblance of names!) It's the culmination of my beginning years as an author, designer, artist, and publisher. It's a story that's pushed my abilities as a writer, and in my heart I know I did well. Yet even so, I know that it's only the beginning of what I'm capable of. It's the first big stepping stone to my dream of having a career in creation. Once JVS becomes a full time business, I'll finally be able to embrace what I love to do.

There will be three paperbacks in the series. They will tell the crazy story of a town named Junicka Valley and the strange and deadly summer that washes over the people there. Once all three paperbacks are published, my goal is to create a hardcover omnibus edition. (Which in a sense you could call my original intention.)

The Kickstarter goes live Tuesday, Match 22nd. (Expect a follow up post centered entirely around it!)


But, Junicka Valley is not the only exciting thing in store. Later this year I will be publishing Lock & Spell: A Game Of Fortunes. It's an amusing solo card game that grants its winners with a fortune! That is, if the player can win! For being a rules-light game, it has quiet a bit of excitement to it. Which is exactly what I aimed to do. After Junicka Valley: Book One gets into print, I will dive more into what the Lock & Spell is and the stage that I'm at in production.


As far as the website goes, I will be setting up the online store in the near future. It will launch alongside the publication date of Junicka Valley, which will be late-April/early-May. Expect a fun post about my business woes!


Thanks for stopping by and reading. I look forward to all that the future holds. And it's thanks to the people that find interest in what I create that I'm able to do what I love. So expect endless thank yous with every post that I write.

You could even say... Thank You For Everything.

(You'll get it once you read the book ;P)



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